Linux for Bioinformatics

DNALinux is a Virtual Machine with bioinformatic software preinstalled.
NEW: Python for Bioinformatics (Py4Bio) edition. Go to download page.

DNALinux VD: Py4Bio edition

DNALinux Virtual Desktop Py4Bio is ready!. This edition is called Py4Bio because is the Linux distribution included in the book Python for Bioinformatics.

Screen1 Common desktop programs used in Bioinformatics are included in DNALinux. Using VMWare you can run Linux and Windows programs side by side.

Screen2 DNALinux is also a webserver. You don't have to set up an Apache web server and install CGI programs since DNALinux has them pre-installed and ready to run. With a server you can make a BLAST from your host computer.

What is DNALinux Virtual Desktop (VD)?

DNALinux VD is a preconfigured virtual machine (VM) with applications targeted for bioinformatics (both DNA and protein analysis). This virtual machine runs on top of the free VMWare Player. This player can run in Windows machines and since the VM works inside the player, everything you do with DNALinux VD doesn't touch the host computer so you can have two separated working environment (DNALinux and Windows together on the same computer).

What software is available on DNALinux?

On top a usual Linux programs, Bioinformatics software is included, like: ApE- A Plasmid Editor, Biopython, Blast, Emboss, FinchTV, NCBI Toolkit, Polyxmass, primer3 (and a working web interface, primer3plus), Rasmol, Readseq and many more. See here for a complete list.




Citing DNALinux

Use this reference:

Bassi, Sebastian and Gonzalez, Virginia. DNALinux Virtual Desktop Edition. Available from Nature Precedings <> (2007)

To cite a particular package (like EMBOSS, BLAST, Biopython), see on the installed software page.