Download DNALinux

DNALinux Virtual Desktop. Python for Bioinformatics Edition (NEW! Jun 2009)

Install instructions

  1. Download the torrent file.
  2. Download DNALinux using the torrent with a bittorrent compatible program like "Bittorrent", Bittorrnado, Vuze (see here for a complete list)
  3. Download VMWare Free Player
  4. Download 7zip uncompressor
  5. Uncompress DNALinux.7z using 7zip and play the vmk file with VMWare Player.
Direct download in RapidShare (12 parts):

Instruction for files downloaded from Rapidshare:

To join the parts in Windows:
copy /b dbasea* dnalinux.7z

To join the parts in Linux:
cat dbasea* > dnalinux.7z
MD5 checksum: f75e88f48e08161be62b70a8ef465e17

Old version (not supported):

DNALinux Server

Note: The new version (VDE Python for Bioinformatcs) is already a server, so server edition is discontinued.

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