June 2009: Python for Bioinformatics edition available!

As promised, DNALinux-VDE Py4Bio version is ready for download. This version used Xubuntu 8.04 as "base distro" and is part of the Python for bioinformatics book. Includes desktop software (See list of pre-installed software) and a includes a working webserver with programs like BLAST and Primer3. Another program included in the webserver is an interface to the Muscle alignment program. This program is made in Python and is an example on how to make a CGI interface between a command line program and a web front-end.

December 2008: Python for Bioinformatics edition in development

The next DNALinux-VDE version will be based in Ubuntu 8.04 and will include a full working Biopython installation, bioinformatics developer tools, webserver and all usual bioinformatic software. This version will be part of the upcomming book: Python for bioinformatics.
Expected release date: May 2009.

2007: DNALinux VDE released

First VDE version ready. Go to download page to download.

2007: DNALinux VDE: Call for programs

Next version of DNALinux will be called "Virtual Desktop Edition" and will be based on Xubuntu. We are accepting request to include bioinformatics software for this release.
If there is a specific bioinformatics software you would like to see included in DNALinux, please email us at: info AT and we will consider inclusion in DNALinux Virtual Desktop Edition.
Criteria for software inclussion on DNALinux:
Programs should have a license that allows free distribution. Any FSF or OSI approved license would be OK. Academic or proprietary license is OK as long as allows us to distribute the resulting distro. Free license will have priority over proprietary ones.
Software already in DNALinux VDE:

  1. NCBI BLAST 2.2.16
  2. NCBI NetBLAST 2.2.16
  3. EMBOSS 4.1.0
  5. MSE 1.0.0
  6. Phylip 3.6b
  7. Biopython 1.43
  8. BioPerl
  9. Kalign 1.04
  10. Clustalx and Clustalw 1.83
  11. njplot
  12. Polyxmass 0.9.7
  13. Primer3
  14. Rasmol
  15. Sigma-align 1.0
  16. t_coffe 2.50
  17. xviewg
  18. Treeviewx 0.5.1
  19. hmmer 2.3.2
  20. NCBI-epcr
  21. Cn3D NCBI Database Viewer
  22. DDV Sequence Alignment Viewer
  23. Entrez NCBI Database Querying Tool
  24. OneD Biological Sequence Viewer
  25. PyMOL Molecular Graphics System
  26. Sequin DNA Sequence Submission Tool

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